To Adopt a Cat, or Not to Adopt a Cat

That is the Question…Are You Financially Prepared?

mediumJune 14, 2016

Photo by Veronika Homchis, Unsplash

Praise be to shelters! And to doctors who give time to shelters. And to staff who work at shelters. And to volunteers who give precious time to shelters. And to those who donate invaluable funds to shelters. And, last but not least, praise be to those who adopt pets from them.

We humans are responsible for domesticating animals and we’re to thank for creating amazing lives for pets in the modern world. As we expand and natural habitats are gone, we’re also raising animals with great lives and who make great companions. Humans are also responsible for the fallout: lost, abandoned, abused and neglected animals and hence the urgency with which I wish the whole world would adopt a sweet little critter from a shelter.

So why would I have any questions about adopting or not adopting? Take a look at the following infographic:

Costs may vary from place to place, but the list remains the same and the bottom line is that it would be very hard to do justice to a newly adopted cat for under $1000 (a figure that could be simply wishful thinking).

Unlike other fulfilling, amazing charitable acts, this one is not a cheap endeavor and so often pet adoption is done without fully thinking through all the costs, which then leads to more abandoned and neglected pets.

Thankfully, many expenses are over and done with in the first year, but you can also see which ones repeat daily, monthly and yearly and how you can predict what kind of costs you’ll incur if you think 15+ years out.

Along with the easy costs to calculate, expect the unexpected. My cat Lella (100% indoors) is not known for chewing on random objects. In fact, she’s pretty predictable and unadventurous relative to my others. So when she got horribly sick (clearly poisoned by something she ingested), an ER visit was critical….and expensive. She’s fine, there are no ongoing costs or symptoms, but all this to say, the first year is not the only year that has some “firsts” and I am prepared that all my years with each of my cats will cost about as much as this first year shows.

So, my answer to the question is Yes!! Adopt!! But give every aspect some thought. You, and the best buddy who awaits you, deserve the careful planning for the most carefree love affair imaginable.