Chicken, a Feline Favorite

Project at a Glance

  • Very similar diet to what cats would eat in nature
  • Ingredients: easy to find, easy to grind, inexpensive


I’m happy to present two recipes for chicken. Birds are the pinnacle of prey for cats and, to me, feeding my cats humanely raised chickens with no hormones or antibiotics is the closest thing to their natural diet that I can picture. The first recipe is from (Ann was hugely inspirational to me to move my cats to a raw diet when Nino was sick). I’ve laid out her recipe just how I make my cat food, keeping every step as simple and minimalist as possible. The second recipe is something that can be done without buying a grinder: it is a great way to start making food for your cats and to find just how easy it all is (basically grinding is just one more step, so after you do this recipe, you’re ready to start from scratch!).