Lamb Fit for a Lion

Project at a Glance

  • Great to try if cat has allergies to other proteins
  • Ingredients: harder to find, bone is not possible to grind, more costly than chicken


Lamb is a great option when you need to rope-in a new protein for your cat, since it isn’t that commonly used (and many cats will not have had it or developed an allergy to it). My cat had severe IBD (he’s the reason I went on my raw food quest a few years ago), and I needed to serve him only one protein, and one he hadn’t ever eaten before. However, lamb is pretty fatty! Cats can take a lot more than we, but if you have a chunky monkey already, this is not the low-cal diet they need. Be careful when you feed—I feed my cats .2 oz less each meal of lamb than I do of chicken. That may be a good gauge for you in feeding yours.