I’m not a fan of hard carriers—I feel like every soft carrier I’ve owned better mimics the comforts of home. Carrying is scary for them, so I say make it as easy on them as possible.

Airline approved backpack, roller, shoulder bag all in one

Airline approved backpack, roller, shoulder bag all in one

by Pet Gear

Every time I’ve brought the cats into the vet, every single person (from staff to doctors) oggles these carriers! I have three colors (olive, copper and black), so I can know right off the bat which cat is where. Let me list the conveniences…first, for your cat, standing fully upright is key for some personalities (like my male kitty). But curling up in the base is super snug and reminds me of the small spaces my cats like to curl up in. That said, I have no cats larger than 12.5lb and some reviewers complain of space issues with big guys. Next, the advantages for you…you could walk with three carriers on your own (maybe four, never tried!) easily. If traveling without another human, I can alone keep one on front, one on back, one rolling behind. With just one kitty in tow, I actually love having the carrier infront of my chest and being able to talk my kitty down from anxiety by swaying less and being closer to my voice. The last two advantages you’ll also love: it is very reasonably priced and it’s airline approved! My plea to you: please never place your cats in airplane cargo. It is both terrifying for pets and there’s a 10% death rate…how could anyone take that chance? Get this beautiful carrier and have your buddy with you onboard.

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